Vishal kumar

Vishal kumar

M.Sc with B.ed


Experience : 7 Year

Specialization : Chemistry and Maths

Subjects :Chemistry and maths

Classes :10

About the teacher

Full name : Vishal kumar

Gender : Male

Qualification : M.Sc with B.ed

Organization : Gurukul Senior Secondary School

Experience : Academic - 7 Year, Corporate, Others

Designation : TGT Teacher

Available for : Offline Teaching / Institutional Job

Applying For : Primary School,Secondary School

Job Type : Full Time Job

Prefer Class To Teach : 10

Prefer Subject To Teach : Chemistry and maths

Monthly Expected Salary :Rs. 25k

Preferred Location : echo $eii.' - '; Bihar ,Darbhanga ,India echo $eii.' - '; Bihar ,Patna ,India


Vishal kumar

TGT Teacher
Chemistry and maths